Chrome for Android to get big updates in the next year

Chrome for Android to get big updates in the next year
Google's senior vice president of Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai, sat down and talked about Chrome in all of its iterations with CNet and more specifically, he talked about the new Chrome Beta for Android and the improvements that we can expect to see in future updates. Chrome Beta hit the Android Market just a couple weeks ago, but the improvements it brought in speed and HTML5 performance were instantly noticeable. 

Google has always been a company that is pretty open about gathering input from users and using that data to inform the updates that get pushed to Google products, and Chrome for Android is no different. According to Pichai, Google has heard the cries from power users and will be bringing at least a couple of requested features to Chrome for Android soon. Pichai directly said that the browser will be getting the option to view the desktop version of pages, as well as full-screen browsing where the Omnibar automatically hides, much like the ICS stock browser. He also mentioned Flash, but made it clear that the issue is more that Adobe will not be updating Flash to support Chrome for Android, rather than it being an issue on Google's end. 

Pichai also said that Google will be taking "leaps and bounds" over the next year in updating and improving Chrome for Android, although he didn't mention exactly what those updates would include aside from the two outlined above. He also said that the browser has seen pretty impressive adoption (between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads) given its compatibility with only Android 4.0+ devices, but hinted that there may be features that we haven't really noticed because the browser hasn't had much use on tablets. 

We've been loving Chrome for Android and we're excited to see what updates Google pushes out. We're certainly hoping for extension support, and double-tap to zoom could use some work. What do you guys want to see?

source: CNet



10. doubler86

Posts: 320; Member since: Jan 26, 2011

I have Google Chrome on my Nexus and my Rooted Samsung Galaxy 10.1. It is really fast, it is a bit annoying though not to have flash. Everytime it's happened man, I don't know how apple users can deal with this. lol I have to copy and past on to my Dolphin browser. The Sync between all your devices is amazing though. Having all my tabs from my desktop, laptop, phone and tablet all up at the same time on any device is pretty nice. I would say however that it's a lot better on phone than on a tablet. Little things like the way you close a tab can't be done on a tablet, or at least not yet. Since I watch more flash content in article when I'm on my tablet it gets annoying more often. As for the whole desktop view thing, I haven't been to a website yet that doesn't have a link at the bottom that says (mobile | desktop) Then I have a desktop view. Having a quick setting for it however would be nicer don't get me wrong.

11. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

Try Opera mobile. I switched from DolphinHD to that and its been way better and it still has flash support as well.

8. saiki4116

Posts: 413; Member since: Mar 31, 2011

Eventhough, i am a android fan,i feel that flash for mobiles should be phased out slowly and should transition to HTML5.Google are doing the right thing.

7. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

its working on my ics rom.. so what ever they have been doing has been working. it runs pretty nice too. ill still take opera at this point for its blend of smoothness, features, and flash support.

6. tward291

Posts: 559; Member since: Feb 14, 2012

lol i wanna see how it performs on tablet sadley idk if my toshiba thrive will get the update to ics

9. Cwebb

Posts: 501; Member since: Oct 05, 2011


5. JonBjSig

Posts: 176; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

I hope they release it for more countries soon.

4. kazunorikobo

Posts: 7; Member since: Feb 20, 2012

Chrome for Gingerbread?My phone is not running ICS yet...=(

3. eman99

Posts: 410; Member since: Aug 03, 2010

well its now and we should embrace it

1. imkyle

Posts: 1117; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

Soon should mean the next month or two, not by fall of 2012.

2. krysis

Posts: 76; Member since: Dec 14, 2009

That's soon to me. If you were a fan of NIN, you'd know that "soon" actually meant years away.

12. topcat

Posts: 4; Member since: Dec 21, 2011

This is Google Chrome. 'Soon' could be in the next couple of weeks for a beta app. They roll those updates out very quickly on the desktop or CrOS so why not Android too? BTW, lovin' having Chrome on my phone finally.

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