China Mobile prices Nokia Lumia 920T as low as 1 Yuan

China Mobile prices Nokia Lumia 920T as low as 1 Yuan
On December 5th, the shares of Apple plunged 6.5% taking billions off the market value of the company. The reason for the drop was the announcement by the world's largest carrier,China Mobile, that its new flagship phone would be the Windows Phone 8 powered Nokia Lumia 920T. Ironically, China Mobile's unique 3G network has kept the Apple iPhone off the mobile operator's network and despite talks with Apple over the years, the Cupertino based firm has not made a special version of its smartphone for the carrier.

China Mobile has come up with a subsidized pricing deal for the Nokia Lumia 920T. With a signed two year pact (sound familiar) you can purchase the phone for 1 Yuan (13 US Cents). To get the phone for 1 Yuan, you need to sign a contract for 24 months of service at 388 Yuan a month ($62.29 USD). Sign a 24 month contract at 288 Yuan a month ($46.24 USD) and pay 800 Yuan for the phone ($130 USD). Select the 228 Yuan per month contract for 24 months ($36.61) and the phone will cost you 1200 Yuan ($190 USD). The last option is a 24 month contract at 188 Yuan a month ($30.16 USD) and if you select that monthly payment plan, the Nokia Lumia 920T will cost 2000 Yuan ($320 USD). The more you sign up to pay each month, the cheaper the cost of the phone.

Even though Apple did sell 2 million units of the Apple iPhone 5 on launch weekend, when you have the backing of the world's largest carrier behind you like the Nokia Lumia 920T has, you have to expect pretty strong demand for the Windows Phone 8 handset.

source: (translated) via WPCentral

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