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Check out Ikea's hilarious ads for wireless charging lamps focused directly on iPhone users

Check out Ikea's hilarious ads for wireless charging lamps focused directly on iPhone users
Furniture retailer Ikea is known more for the Swedish meatballs in its in-store restaurant than for its advertising. The stores offer a large selection of furniture, some of which has wireless charging capabilities built-in. And now that Apple is supporting wireless charging on the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and the Apple iPhone X, Ikea is focusing its wireless charging ads on iPhone owners by riffing on famous lines that are connected to the tech titan.

For example, a line of lamps that support wireless charging are featured in a series of ads. One says, "This charges everything." Even if you're not an Apple fan, you might recognize this as a pun of Apple's "This changes everything" line. Another ad shows the base of a lamp with a real apple, sitting on a wireless charging pad built into the lamp base. "Link Different" says the copy at the top. This, of course, alludes to Apple's grammatically incorrect "Think Different" line used back in 1997.

A couple of other ads include one that says, "One more thing...It's also a lamp." This refers to Steve Jobs' famous saying near the end of a new product announcement. And another one reads, "Siri, what lamp should I buy?" All of the advertisements are for the Riggad line of lamps that start at $69.99, and include a Qi-certified  wireless charging pad. You can check out the ads by clicking on the slideshow below. And if you are interested in buying one of the lamps, or a plate of Swedish meatballs, click on the sourcelink to find the closest Ikea store near you.

source: Ikea via DesignTaxi, BGR

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