Celebrities admit Apple never singled them out with red carpet treatment

Celebrities admit Apple never singled them out with red carpet treatment
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that celebrities are just like us - usually most of them have what we don’t. But when it comes to Apple, there was never a difference. NBA superstar commenter Shaquille O’Neal found out about it first hand. O’Neal begged Steve Jobs to give him the first iPhone, but was only met with compassionate denial.

Another NBA star, Phoenix Suns’ three-point bomber Channing Frye, whose cousin works in Apple marketing exclaimed:

It’s not just basketball superstars either - celebrity publicist Bradley Frank also never got the early access to gadgets he was asking for:

And it’s interesting to look at the importance of Apple’s secrecy and what connection it has to the company’s success. If we had to describe Cupertino, secretive would probably be the second adjective we’d use after successful. So here’s a challenge for you: how would you describe Apple and its culture in just a couple of words? Let us know in the comments below.

source: TUAW


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