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CTIA says San Francisco's "Cell Phone Right-to-Know" ordinance is misleading

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CTIA says San Francisco's
The other day, the CTIA called its legal staff to arms in an attempt to block San Francisco's new "Cell Phone Right-to-Know" ordinance. The new law forces handset retailers to post signs near the phones for sale that warns consumers of the dangers of radiation from the phones. The CTIA says that by posting the warnings, the city is giving the appearance to phone buyers that there is proof that cell phones cause brain tumors. In a statement, the CTIA said that the warnings are "alarmist and false".

The ordinance suggests that cell phone users turn off their phones when not in use. The CTIA says that doing this could rob San Francisco residents of the ability to make a quick emergency call if necessary. The Association notes that, "The City’s warning materials create the false impression that the FCC’s standards are insufficient, suggest that phones are dangerous, and urge consumers to limit their use and turn them off when not in use." The CTIA added that if people use their handsets less because of radiation worries, and turn them off when not using them, it will negatively impact 911 and emergency services and would lessen the value and convenience of carrying around a cell phone.

The ordinance passed by a 10-1 vote back in July, during a time when consumers had been frightened by reports about cell phones causing brain tumors and other deadly health problems. The World Health Organization has gone on record as saying that cell phones are possibly carcinogenic, a statement that was quickly refuted by The Economist. Other researchers tend to agree with the latter, saying that there is evidence that the WHO position is incorrect.

source: BGR

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