You might have to wait two weeks to replace the battery inside your Apple iPhone 6

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Late last month, Apple apologized for quietly using software smuggled into certain iPhone models which throttled the CPU of these handsets. Apple explained that it was forced to do this so that these iPhone units wouldn't shutdown when met with a complex task that could tax the older and weaker batteries inside these phones. To make up for what it had done, Apple sliced 63% off the price of a battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and later, cutting the price to $29 from $79 for the remainder of the year.

This drastic price cut has led to heavy demand for battery replacements in Apple Stores everywhere. In fact, to check out reports of dwindling supplies, CNBC reporter Todd Haselton visited the 14th Street Apple Store in New York to get the battery on his Apple iPhone 6 replaced. The employee at the Genius Bar told him that it would take two weeks before this location would have inventory of fresh cells for that particular model. Haselton was told that his Apple iPhone 6s, on the other hand, could have its battery transplant operation completed in two hours.

Another CNBC reporter made an appointment at Best Buy to replace the batteries on her two iPhone 6 models, and was turned away because the store was out of stock. Even if you score an appointment at an Apple Store or Best Buy for a battery replacement, it doesn't mean that the actual location has any of the batteries you need in stock. We suggest that before you make an appointment, call the store in question to make sure that they have inventory of the cell made for your specific iPhone.

Even if it means waiting for a couple of weeks, replacing an older battery on your iPhone is a good strategy. No, it doesn't absolve Apple for throttling iPhone CPUs on the down low, but putting a fresh cell inside your phone will allow you to run complex tasks without worrying if your device will shutdown. Once Apple disseminates the iOS update that gives users the option of opting out of the CPU throttling, those who decide to stick with a sick and ailing battery on their iPhone do indeed run the risk of having that unit shut down if the CPU is is taxed.

source: CNBC

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