Cook: iPhone users will be able to disable "power management" to prevent CPU throttling

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Late last month, Apple iPhone users were flabbergasted to discover that an earlier iOS update allowed Apple to throttle the CPU on the iPhone 6 and later models. This was done in the name of "power management." Because many of these older models were being powered by older batteries, certain heavy duty tasks risked shutting down these particular iPhone units. While the actual act of throttling the processor bothered some users, the majority were more upset that the story had to be coerced out of Apple. The company, looking to buy its way back into some users' hearts, took $50 off the price of a battery replacement which now costs $29 for the rest of the year.

On Wednesday evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple will soon allow iPhone owners to monitor the health of the battery that powers their device. In addition, Apple will offer users the option of disabling the power management system that throttles the CPU. Those who would rather take the gamble of a particular task shutting down their phone will be warned that by disabling power management, they risk having their phone shut down.

Cook, appearing on ABC News, also said that Apple will create 20,000 new jobs over the next five years and at the same time, invest $350 billion in the U.S. economy. In addition, the executive said that under the new tax laws Apple will make a huge $38 billion one-time tax payment. Employees will also receive a $2,500 stock grant allowing practically all Apple employees to become owners in the company.

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source: ABCNews

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