CES 2012 might see the launch of LTE Windows Phones with Mango

CES 2012 might see the launch of LTE Windows Phones with Mango
Windows Phone's Andy Lees explained at yesterday's New York event that the lack of CDMA handsets in the recently-outed crop with the Mango update is not something inherent to Windows Phone 7.5: "no limitation of the OS, it's a timing thing between the operator and the OEMs", he said.

Also, it tuns out that the LTE update of Mango is in the hands of manufacturers already, as per WP's product manager Greg Sullivan, who said that everybody has it, but Nokia was just more aggressive with the announcement about upcoming Nokia Windows Phones with LTE connectivity: "I don't think there's any kind of head start [Nokia] gets, but I think Stephen [Elop} was more aggressive in terms of getting out there with the news".

When asked if we are to expect Windows Phone 8 announced February at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, as with all major mobile OS announcements in the last four years from Microsoft, Andy Lees just hinted with a smile, but didn't confirm or deny it. The next version of Microsoft's mobile OS is expected to support multicore chipsets and high-resolution displays, among other goodies.

An interesting thing slipped from Andy Lees about the low-cost Windows Phones plans. The rumored Tango update will allegedly bring support for 320x480 resolutions, but at the same time he said yesterday that WVGA screens have become so cheap that there is no point in supporting anything less than that. Could it be that Microsoft has given up on lower-res Windows Phones for its entry level onslaught? Or maybe the 320x480 support will be reserved for a different chassis on handsets with portrait physical QWERTY? We should know more in two months, when the CES 2012 expo will be here.

via PCMag

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