BlueStacks demonstrating its Android emulator for Windows PCs

BlueStacks working on an Android emulator for Windows PCs
Prompted by his daughter's nagging to play the same games she is used to on his Android phone at the family computer, one of BlueStacks founders decided to get to work on an Android emulator for the PC, way back in 2009.

For now the company is in the initial rounds of funding stage, it managed to raise $7.6 million already, and is trying to get as broad of a distribution agreement with PC makers, as possible. With BlueStacks you can run Windows programs and Android apps simultaneously, and switch seamlessly between them. Oh, the joys of open source!

Adding the Android emulator to a Windows machine is said to cost a bit more than $10 per license, and BlueStacks plans to offer its virtualization software as a separate download for current Windows users as well. The ViewSonic ViewPad 10 dual-boot tablet is a good example of a device shipping with the BlueStacks software preinstalled.

The company is starting with Android 2.2 Froyo (the project was conceived in 2009, after all), but future updates should also be available. This slightly reminds us of HP placing webOS on every Windows machine it ships, but we are also just laughing hysterically at the thought of someone trying to emulate the proprietary WP7, or, heaven forbid, iOS platforms. Have a look at the company demo below.

source: BlueStacks via AllThingsD

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