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webOS coming to all HP PCs starting next year

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webOS coming to all HP PCs starting next year

Just when you started thinking there was a clear line drawn between PCs and tablets, HP's very own Leo Apotheker announced that every PC shipped by the company will come with webOS on board along with the standard Windows starting next year. “HP has lost its soul,” Apotheker said and justified the decision as one that will bring more developers and apps to webOS. This will help the company find that lost soul and create a unified platform for a range of devices. Currently, the mobile operating system developed in Palm, which HP acquired in April 2010, has only around 6,000 applications in its App Catalog, far less than the 350,000 in the App Store.

“You create a massive platform,” Apotheker added to clarify his aim to bring webOS as a differentiating factor for all of HP's products including phones, tablets and PCs. Just over a month ago, he noted the importance of bringing more "cool" products faster in front of a huge audience of HP employess in India.

But for phone geeks like us, adopting webOS for PCs comes to prove the importance of synergy, which to no surprise should be best represented on HP's upcoming mobile devices. Recently, Apple also included elements of its iOS in the latest OS X Lion, and judging by HP's senior executive words this marriage between mobile and desktop platforms will be a long and happy one.

source: Bloomberg

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