BlackBerry giving iOS and Android users a trial of its Secure Work Space app

BlackBerry giving iOS and Android users a trial of its Secure Work Space app
BlackBerry is giving iOS and Android users a chance to use its Secure Work Space app for free. For a limited time, BlackBerry is allowing users of phones produced by its top rivals to request the app, which offers a containerized, secure area for business use that is completely separate from apps, files and data for personal use. The fenced-off business area can be controlled by IT administrators and includes a special calendar, contacts list, HTML5 browser and a special secure version of Documents To Go.

Business information cannot be copied and pasted outside of the "fence" although information from outside the partition like contacts and calendar entries, can be imported to the business side using Secure Work Space. The app is perfect for those BYOD business environments where employees are allowed to bring their personal smartphone and use it for business work. The idea is that since most people are more familiar with how their own handset runs, they will be more effective employees and not lose work time trying to learn an entirely new mobile OS. The Secure Work Space app can be managed using the BES 10 administration console.

If you're looking for a containerized, secure way to send information to your business contacts, check out the video below. It shows some of the features available with the Secure Work Space app. To get the app, you need to click on the source link and request it as it not yet available from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store. BlackBerry feels that by offering a useful business solution, it might be able to grab a few phone sales and at least get the IT department to use the BES 10 administrative console.

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source: BlackBerry , BES10 via electronista

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