BlackBerry Storm 3 with its "perfect" SurePress touchscreen eying a Q3 or Q4 release?

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BlackBerry Storm 3 with its "perfect" SurePress touchscreen eying a Q3 or Q4 release?
With so much attention focused on BlackBerry OS 6.0 coming this summer and the myriad of devices to lay claim to the next generation platform, there is still plenty of attention regarding RIM's stance on touchscreen devices. We've already heard on how the company is speculated to be working on a tablet, but it looks like they're not neglecting their first line of touchscreen devices. The next version of the BlackBerry Storm is looking to shoot for a Q3 or Q4 release this year with a complete overhaul to its unique SurePress touchscreen which is being referred to be “perfect” this time around. Not to take away from its updated hardware luster, it'll undoubtedly follow suit with some of the recently rumored RIM handsets floating around with OS 6.0 on-board. Looking way down in the pipelines, there are already small snippets of the Storm 4 which is rumored to target a 2011 release with a built-in magnetic compass that'll be implemented to the max with augmented reality applications. BlackBerry Storm fans can look forward as there is no doubt that RIM will continue to move forward and perfect their line of Storm smartphones, but only time will tell if their touchscreen offerings will have a profound effect on the current smartphone market war.

source: Tested via IntoMobile


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