RIM's tablet confirmed to be real?

RIM's tablet confirmed to be real?

Long before the Apple iPad wasofficially unveiled to the public, there were plenty of manufacturersbent on jumping the gun by making their very own tablet device totake advantage of the suspected next big product segment. Aside fromthe usual computer manufacturers that took the plunge, one majorsmartphone maker is now looking to join the ranks in this category.According to a BBLeaks connection, they're confirming that RIM is in the process of workingon their very own tablet device that is rumored to be more compactthan the iPad and will go by either the codenames “BlackPad” or“Cobalt.” This is pretty interesting considering that there was arumor a while ago that RIM was ordering 8.9” displays from Hon Hai.Now the image provided is not the actual rumored device, but instead,it's a mock up what it could potentially look like. With thesuccessful launch of the Apple iPad, it's known far and wide thatthere is money to be made with this specific product category andconsumers are buying into it from what we've witnessed so far. Now would be the perfect time for RIM to get a piece of the pie asthey're undoubtedly looking to grow their business by venturingoutside the norm from their usual operating model.

source: BBLeaks

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