BlackBerry App World hits the one billion apps downloaded mark

BlackBerry App World hits the one billion apps downloaded mark
While all of the news about RIM lately seems to be depressing for fans of the company (not to mention stockholders), there might be some quiet signs that things are going to get better. As we reported, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 just paid a visit to the FCC which could indicate that a launch of the device is coming soon. FCC visits don't always mean an imminent device release, but since the Feds have to give thumbs up before a launch, it is at least one step closer to being released. And while much of RIM's hopes are pinned on the Bold 9900, there is some good news from users of current BlackBerry devices.

RIM reported today that App World has finally reached the one billionth app downloaded mark. The Canadian based company also pointed out that RIM's online applications store is now available in 100 countries with 3 million apps installed on a 'Berry branded device every day. RIM still has quite a ways to go to catch up with Apple's App Store and the Android Market. The former just celebrated its 15 billionth download and offers 425,000 apps while the latter reached the 4.5 billion apps downloaded mark last month and has an inventory of 200,000 apps.

BlackBerry App World is 2 years old, and as we recently told you, is about to be updated to its 3.0 build. The future of App World will go hand in hand with how well RIM's new devices are accepted when launched. There are high hopes for the BlackBerry 9900 and if these hopes are realized, not only can RIM survive, it can thrive. If this happens, the BlackBerry App World could make the dynamic duo of online stores, the terrific trio.

source: BlackBerry via MobileSyrup

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