Bing and Skype for Android apps both receive updates

Bing and Skype for Android apps both receive updates
A pair of Microsoft owned apps, Skype and Bing, have been updated for Android flavored devices. The Skype for Android app adds new Skype Bots, and also makes some improvements and bug fixes to the app. To get to the Skype Bots (which you can chat with as easy as chatting with your friends), open up the updated Skype for Android app and go to Contacts. Select the floating action button on contacts, tap on the pink Bots button, and you will be at the Bots directory where you can select the Bots you want to "converse" with.

Bing for Android has also been updated, adding new features. The official changelist includes:

  • Music: Search for a song that's playing (or just type the name of a song), then play the video while following along with the lyrics. Also, with the new Music shortcut on the homepage, it becomes even easier to get into trending songs, and discover trending artists.
  • Video preview: Previews start playing automatically with sound off on video search
  • Related video: Discover more video clips related to the video you watch
  • Camera search now supports flash, zoom, and front facing camera

You can download either app on your Android device by clicking on the appropriate sourcelink.

source: Bing (Android), Skype (Android) via MSPoweruser



1. lyndon420

Posts: 6834; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

Still no Cortana in Canada? You suck ms. ;)

2. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

And this is on the hills that Skype will be getting discontinued for yet another MS OS version. Way to go MS...way to go.

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