Best tablets of CES 2011: Results

Best tablets of CES 2011: Results
If you want to know which were the best tablets presented at this year's CES expo, according to a total of 3222 votes submitted for our poll that we published about three days ago, then you've come to the right place. And we've got to tell you, folks, the final results are downright surprising, so read on, please...

So, which one do you think scored highest? The Motorola XOOM? The RIM BlackBerry PlayBook probably?

Nope, it's the Notion Ink Adam. Seriously. And by what a margin it's won! With a staggering 61.33% of all votes, the Notion Ink Adam leaves everything well behind its back. Actually, this strong support isn't that unexplainable at all. The Android-based Notion Ink Adam will come packed with great features such as a 10” Pixel Qi display, powerful dual-core Tegra 2 chipset and an innovative Eden UI.

A few hours later at the finish line finally comes the second-most desired tablet from CES 2011, namely – the Motorola XOOM, with 22.32% of all votes. The XOOM is also brilliantly spec'd and will come with Google's much-anticipated Android Honeycomb OS, specifically crafted for tablets.

Unsurprisingly, third comes the other all-round solid performer, the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, with its own QNX OS to run the various harware goodies, such as the 7” capacitive screen, dual-core 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM. With the seemingly modest 6.49% of all votes, the PlayBook has turned out to be the last significant tablet to be showcased at CES 2011.

Check out the rest of the results below!


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