Best rugged cases for the Apple iPhone 6s - protect what's dear

The iPhone 6s and especially the 6s Plus will hardly suffer from another "bendgate" like their predecessors, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in their protection. The combination between the ion-strengthened glass panel at the front and the unibody made of aircraft-grade series 7000 aluminum (which consists of 91.17% aluminum, 0.08% iron, 7.64% zinc, and 0.106% tungsten) sounds pretty tough, there are some folks that might want to take the extra step and ensure their devices are totally protected by throwing a rugged case in the mix.

These will shield the phone from the elements as well as the exterior integrity from accidental drops. Things might get a lot more uglier if you are clumsy and bring your new iPhone 6s or 6s while, say, trekking in the mountains, hiking on a trail, or spelunking, perish the thought. Thus, the need for a more rugged and durable case arises. 

Aware of this, the case manufacturers have already addressed the issue. Here are some of the more outstanding rugged cases for your shiny new iOS smartphone.


Here are UAG's rugged cases for the iPhone 6s, which are available in a variety of colors (warning: prices may vary). They come with an armor shell that has an impact resistant soft core, lightweight composite construction, large tactile buttons, provide easy access to the display and ports, as well as scratch resistant skid pads and lip that aims to protect the screen from nasty scratches. All cases below meet the following military drop-test standards: (MIL STD 810G 516.6).

Armor-X CX-Mi-6

Armor-X's CX case for the iPhone 6 is as rugged as it gets. It does not only look tough, it is tough indeed. There's shock-absorbing TPU rubber in the corners, molded sound buttons, a side edge that protects the display from scratching, polycarbonate armor, anti-slip design, a kickstand, and a multi-functional adapter that allows you strap the phone to your belt or helm and use it as a GoPro camera, of sorts. The case is available in dark grey, light, and dark blue.

Otterbox Defender

Here follow Otterbox's rugged cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. All of them consist of a triple-layer defense: inner shell, outer slipcover, and touchscreen protector. The case itself is made of a polycarbonate shell and has a synthetic rubber slipover. All of this ensures drop and dust protection of your handset as well as screen protection.

Griffin Survivor Summit

If you're about to head to the wild with your iPhone 6s, the Griffin Survivor will provide you with unparalleled protection. It is designed to protect from 10-feet drops; additionally, the IP55 certification makes it splash-proof, dirtproof, as well as sandproof and rainproof. It also comes with a sliding and detachable front-panel protector — keep it on and your iPhone 6s' display will remain in pristine condition. Don't worry, it won't prevent you from using Touch ID. It also comes with a rotating belt/stand.

Pelican ProGear Voyager

Pelican's rugged cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come with slim design, soft-touch over-mold, and most importantly, a life-time guarantee. If you somehow damage the case, it'll be replaced for free. One of its most popular ones is the ProGear Voyager - ts multiple layers of protective polycarbonate PU rubber coatings, which encase your device and will shield it from accidental falls.

Spigen iPhone 6s Tough Armor

Spigen is among the more popular manufacturers of smartphone accessories, and surely, it has already put several iPhone 6s ones on the shelves. Among them, the Tough Armor case would probably appeal to those who are looking for better protection of their iPhone 6s. This is courtesy of the “premium polycarbonate” and anti-stretch polyurethane that Spigen's case is made of. It's MIL-STD 810G-516.6 compliant, so don't worry that you might damage it.

Spigen iPhone 6s Slim Armor

This Spigen case might not look as sturdy as the rest, but the looks can be deceiving - it's also MIL-STD 810G-516.6 compliant, which means that your new iPhone will be safe inside. It comes with a dual-layered build of flexible TPU and polycarbonate, as well as protective corners that employ Spigen's Air Cushion techonology.

Ballistic Explorer

With reinforced corners, this case aims to put the kibosh on displays that have cracked due to side drops. Put the Ballistic Explorer on your iPhone 6s and you can be sure that the phone will survive an 8ft drop unscathed, or so does the manufacturer claim. 

i-Blason Unicorn Beetle Pro

It looks solid, doesn't it? The Unicorn Beetle Pro comes with two layers of protection safeguard against shock, impact, and drops. This is courtesy of the soft thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate materials that i-Blason used. There's a built-in screen protector aboard, as well as port covers that block dust and debris from getting inside the phone. It's available in black, green, pink, and white.

Case-mate Tough Case

It might not look as rugged as the rest of the entries in this list, it's still a notable mention. It features a dual-layered design comprising an impact-resistant shell with a shock-absorbing interior cushion. The back cover offers an enhanced grip, while the buttons feature metal accents. The case is available in gold, silver, space gray, and black.


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