Best new Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone games of February 2015

The shortest month of the year has quickly gone by, but the list of great new games for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone that it has brought is by no means short. Quite the opposite: we've seen some great new games make their debut.

We're starting with the most high-profile launch of the month: iOS' Alto's Adventure, which comes with an enchanting atmosphere of alpine hills and ancient woodlands. But then there is the awesome Evoland that takes players on a journey through the evolution of action-adventure games, the fast-paced AG Drive racing game, the addictive Magazine Mogul sim, and many many more.

With no further ado, here is our selection of the best new Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone games of February 2015.

Alto’s Adventure

Developer: SnowmanDownload: iOS
Genre: EndlessPrice: $1.99

Alto's Adventure puts you in control of Alto and his friends who are on a snowboarding journey across gorgeous alpine hills, ancient woodlands, and more. Along the way, you get to rescue llamas, grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and more.

Sneaky Sneaky

Developer: Naiad EntertainmentDownload: iOS
Genre: Stealth-adventurePrice: $2.99

Sneaky Sneaky captured our attention with its cute, likable visual style and a good take on the tactical stealth game genre. As the game implies, you’re a thief that has to hide in the shadows and wait for the right moment to strike. The story revolves around the ambush of your rogue Sneaky, as you have to reclaim the treasure he originally stole.

The gameplay is rich and being able to approach each challenge differently brings a nice level of freedom. Enemies also get smarter as you play along, and there are some nice RPG elements to the game as your hero evolves.


Developer: Shiro GamesDownload: iOSAndroid
Genre: Action-adventurePrice: $4.99

The action adventure free-roaming game Evoland arrives on mobile after a 2013 release on Steam. The game is a true meta adventure that walks you through the history of gaming starting off with monochrome and going to color; beginning with limited movement to a free roaming style, and unlocking features including Final Fantasy-like boss battles.

Evoland has really got a little bit of everything, and it will be dearly appreciated for those who have been playing games since a very early age.

Magazine Mogul

Developer: KairosoftDownload: iOSAndroid
Genre: SimulationPrice: $4.99

Kairosoft’s micromanagement game have won it quite the name in the pocket gaming world, and the latest Magazine Mogul is another well-made game that walks you through the challenge of running a magazine business, where getting interesting, buzz-worthy stories is the key to success.

As your readership grows, you get to write more features and even assist local authorities make the right decision for city planning.

Pinball Arcade

Developer: FarSight StudiosDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: PinballPrice: $0.99

The Addams Family pinball table has broken all sales records for flipper games, and with a brilliant design based on the movie, you get to see all of the memorable characters and themes from the film. Notable features include the first ever optical target bank, ball affecting magnets under the playfield and the "Thing" hand that comes out of its box to magnetically grab the ball.

Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure

Developer: Dinofarm GamesDownload: AndroidiOS
Genre: StrategyPrice: $2.99

We love original titles, stories, and gameplay and Auro has got it all mixed together in a very charming strategic game that puts you in the feet of Prince Auro who roams a fantasy universe where he faces monsters with different tactics. Auro stands out with its strategy of bumping against them to battle these monsters, its great animated pixel art style, and gameplay that takes a lot of time to master but is still not too hard to grasp.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Developer: SNKDownload: iOSAndroid
Genre: FightingPrice: Free

Another instalment in the popular fighting series, "GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES" renews the series with the "T.O.P. SYSTEM", a revolutionary game mechanic that can be set anywhere on the character's lifebar and gives access to a unique attack and significantly increases the character's hitting power.


Developer: Future Shock SoftwareDownload: iOS
Genre: RoguelikePrice: Free

"NetHack is a single player dungeon exploration game. Your goal is to grab as much treasure as you can, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, and escape the Mazes of Menace alive."


Developer: Cliffhanger GamesDownload: iOSAndroid
Genre: Turn-based combatPrice: Free

Set in an Ætherpunk world you assemble a team, plan a strategy, equip yourself with powerful Æther shells and fight against real-world foes to dominate the battlefield.

AG Drive

Developer: ZORGDownload: iOS
Genre: RacingPrice: $3.99

AG Drive takes you on a wild anti-gravity ride where you race against opponents on spectacular tracks that dive over and under an Earth city of the future.

Swap Heroes 2

Developer: Christopher SavoryDownload: iOSAndroid
Genre: RPGPrice: $2.99

Swap Heroes 2 is a casual turn-based strategy adventure where you get to form a group of valiant heroes and guide them in battle through a wide variety of quests and locations as you venture toward a final showdown with the feared Shadow Knight.

Flashout 2S

Developer: JujubeeDownload: iOS
Genre: RacingPrice: Free

Flashout 2S is the latest instalment in the futuristic racing series, and this one comes for free, bringing a very dynamic racing experience and excellent graphics. The Flashout 2S gameplay has you zipping through a futuristic version of mega-cities like Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Moscow, and othres, and the game features a career mode that will have you playing for hours. Keep in mind, though, that there is a very annoying bug for some users, where all accumulated cash is lost once you leave the game and re-enter to play again.

Chesslike: Adventures in Chess

Developer: Adam MooreDownload: AndroidiOS
Genre: PuzzlePrice: $1.99

Chesslike has little to do with actual chess - instead it's a puzzler using standard chess pieces that you have to use to solve small puzzles of gradually increasing difficulty.

Cava Racing

Developer: Umber GamesDownload: iOS
Genre: RacingPrice: $1.99

A very nice racing game with a distinct visual style, Cava Racing brings us back to times of simpler arcade racing games where graphics mattered less than the fine-tuned physics of the game that require precise timing in order for you to win racer.

Plug & Play

Developer: Etter StudioDownload: iOS
Genre: Action-adventurePrice: $2.99

Plug & Play is more of a visual novel, an experiment in story-telling rather than a full-blown game, but it is interactive, it is different, and for those of you who want to plug off the boring world and spend 10 minutes in this immersive story, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Developer: KetchappDownload: iOSAndroid
Genre: CasualPrice: Free

A simple, casual game where you tap to zig zag your way up as far as possible and collect diamonds along the way, ZigZag offers trendy, minimalistic visuals a la Monument Valley. We love the gameplay, but the god-awful ads that plague the game leave it at the last place of this week’s selection of best games.

iO - A Physics Platformer

Developer: BluBoxDownload: iOS
Genre: Physics puzzlerPrice: $2.99

iOS is a physics puzzler with over 150 challenging mazes including portals, inverted gravity, vehicles and more.

Dark Echo

Developer: RAC7 GamesDownload: iOS
Genre: Ambient/Sound gamePrice: $1.99

Dark Echo puts you in an environment where you are trapped in darkness and you ought to visualize sound guides to find your way out. The sounds you create bounce of the boundaries of this dark world revealing you its shape, but hidden in the dark is something that devours sound and souls.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Developer: Game LabsDownload: iOS
Genre: StrategyPrice: $7.99

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a tactical wargame that allows you to command thousands of soldiers as a Union or Confederate General during the Battle of Gettysburg. The strategy game features unique hand drawn map, complex morale, controls optimized for touch and smart AI.

Imps in Tokyo

Developer: We Are VigilantesDownload: iOS
Genre: ArcadePrice: $1.99

Imps in Tokyo is a handcrafted indie arcade/adventure game where the imps are on a mission to use their powers to fight Mr. Cornelious, stop his diabolic plan and save... kittens.

Age of Sparta

Developer: GameloftDownload: iOS, AndroidWindows Phone
Genre: StrategyPrice: Free

Age of Sparta is a new strategy game by Gameloft with a unique and intense combat system and thousands of players for you to ally with… or conquer.


Developer: RageFXDownload: Windows Phone
Genre: PuzzlePrice: Free

Rote ( meaning "memorization through repetition" ) is a unique puzzle game that will challenge you to find the exit on the right by pushing rows of blocks left and right.

Mini Golf Club

Developer: Zoltan GubicsDownload: Windows Phone
Genre: StrategyPrice: Free

Mini Golf Club is a realistic mini golf simulator with beautiful graphics and realistic physics. The game features 80+ interactive holes with dynamic parts, moving obstacles, ramps, sand traps, special boosters and portals.

Evil Slayer

Developer: MadRockGamesDownload: Windows Phone
Genre: StrategyPrice: Free

The somewhat absurd premise of the game is to protect a farm against dark forces that invade it, as the scarecrow put there cannot do its job. You tap to slay monsters and set traps and use other tactics to keep the enemy away from your farm.

Chess Fusion Free

Developer: AlienforceDownload: Windows Phone
Genre: ChessPrice: Free

A free 3D chess game that offers different levels of difficulty, this is a fun take on the complex game of chess.



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Best AG Drive-y game for Android?

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That game looks sick. everytime i see it, i start looking for a cheap IOS device so i can use it.


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try flashout

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