Best Buy's one day sale prices the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for AT&T at $1?

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Best Buy's one day sale prices the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for AT&T at $1?
Well, well, the $9.99 pricing of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for AT&T from Wirefly might be looking extremely attractive, but it looks like there is going to be a one-day offer coming tomorrow that will beat it.

One of our tipsters sent us some interesting news regarding Best Buy Mobile's special promotion on the Android powered phone – it appears as though the consumer electronics giant will mark it down to $1. Naturally, you'll need to sign a 2-year contract of course, but the good thing about it is that they're making the promotional price available to new and existing customers with a qualified upgrade.

However, it should be worth noting that the $1 pricing for the Xperia X10 is only offered online – so you can't go into a store to get it. Still, you'd better make sure to point your browser to their web site tomorrow, September 20, to make sure you get in with this great deal. After tomorrow, this handset will go back to its usual $149.99 price point.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster!

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1. SellYourCell unregistered

Wow, that's a pretty incredible offer. That opens up a money making possibility. If you buy the phone for such an inexpensive price you might want to turn around and sell it. You can go to and sell it for $150 (prices change regularly). Pocket the difference and get another phone of your choice. This is perfectly legal. The carrier doesn't care what phone you use, only that you sign up for the two year contract. Just a thought.

2. BLikens1619

Posts: 67; Member since: Apr 12, 2008

Check your info again, the $1 price is only good to new customers, existing customers looking to upgrade will have to fork out $99.99, boo!!

3. HushH unregistered

Looks like the $1 price is good for new customers only. Upgrades are showing $99.99.

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