Average mobile phone user will send 2 million words via text in their lifetime

Average mobile phone user will send 2 million words via text in their lifetime
Think about how many texts you send out a day. Now think about how many words you write on each text. A new study reveals that the average mobile phone owner will send 2 million words via text message during his or her life. The research,which was done by Net Voucher Codes, discovered that an average Joe sends 4 texts a day, each containing 20 words. That works out to 30,000 words sent by SMS in an average year.

If someone started texting in their mid teens until the time they were 80, that would work out to 1,993,200 words sent out using the SMS system. Some might think that texting would slow down as people approach an older age, but Net Voucher Codes says that since current adults in their 20's are the first to grow up with mobile phones, the passion to text should continue even when these people turn 80.

The report adds that the younger generation, getting used to instant communication, will probably be even more attached to texting. And keep in mind that the 2 million figure is an average. You might know some people who text 2 million words in a year.

source: Metro, Sify via Textually.org


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