Autodesk Scaleform will let game developers create cool mobile game UIs using Flash

Autodesk Scaleform will let game developers create cool mobile game UIs using Flash
Autodesk has released a new tool for mobile game developers and it's called Scaleform. Like its desktop version, the mobile-centric Scaleform will help devs create some beautiful and immersive UIs and menus for their games just by using their Flash skills.

The product can help you develop games in three main ways. If you are using the Unity Engine, Scaleform comes as a Unity plug-in so it should be a simple process to integrate it into your workflow. Secondly, the Scaleform SDK can be integrated into a third-party or proprietary mobile game or app engine, again letting you craft some fancy UI. Finally, there's also a standalone development platform which should make it easy for you to produce your own 2D mobile games, utilizing the power of Flash, ActionScript 3 and... some C++ for game logic, as the press-release states. However, we guess that if you don't need your game to have any logic, you can do just fine without C++, but then again, if you actually have serious intentions of entering that business, you better stop listening to us right now.

Just one more thing, though - Adobe Scaleform for mobile is currently available at a price of $299 per OS. The OS's that Scaleform can be used with are iOS and Android.

source: Adobe


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1. cdgoin

Posts: 614; Member since: Jul 28, 2010

Dont get why Autodesk is behind Apple and Droid mobile platforms.. AutoCAD, Revit Navisworks, etc and other BIM software runs on Windows. They need to work on some windowsphone apps for viewers of thier other software.

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