Audio recognition and music searches for Samsung handsets running Windows Mobile

Audio recognition and music searches for Samsung handsets running Windows Mobile
Melodis Corporation is a developer of audio recognition technologies and applications. Midomi is an app utilizing Sound2Sound Search Science, proprietory techonology of the company that allows audio recognition and searching against samples that users provide through singing and humming or recording a currently playing song. There is a version for the iPhone that has received quite a good press.

Samsung will be partnering with Melodis and the result is all upcoming Windows Mobile handsets of the manufacturer are to come equipped with Midomi. According to Melodis Vice President of business operations, this is just the beginning and only the first step towards a collaboration that is to include much more. We are pleasantly impressed by both Windows Mobile smartphones of Samsung (OmniaPRO B7610 and OmniaLITE B7300) and an application like this will make them even more appealing. Watch the video that reveals what Midomi for the iPhone is capable of.

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1. legionsreturn unregistered

Suggestion: A seperate website called Apparena or Appstorearena for all the different app stores.

2. crd22

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This is guaranteed to be available for all WM after the people on XDA get their hands on this.

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