Asus Tranformer Prime tablet taken apart by the FCC, exposing the Tegra 3 quad-core chip

Asus Tranformer Prime tablet taken apart, exposing the Tegra 3 quad-core chip
The Asus Tranformer Prime Android slate has been disassembled by the FCC, exposing the first quad-core ARM-based chip to enter a retail device, NVIDIA Tegra 3, aka Kal-El. If we don't count the ZTE T98 tablet, that is.

Asus did indeed make good on its promise to deliver the first quad-core mobile device by a brand name manufacturer, and Tegra 3 promises a lot, with better graphics and less power consumption leading the pack. Well, Tegra 3 is actually penta-core, but let's not be petty and counting.

Since the Transformer Prime will be as much as other high-end tablets at $499, but future-proof for 2012, Asus might again have a tablet hit on its hands, come November 9, just like it did with the first Eee Pad Transformer. 

Moreover, the company promised Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for its slates by year-end, so that's one more incentive to grab the Transformer Prime and start playing the two or three quad-core optimized games like Shadowgun in the video below, in Starbucks for some nerdy bragging rights.

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