Are you getting the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro?

Are you getting the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro?
Apple's new $99 stylus, called simply the Pencil, is now going for north of $200 on eBay right now, as those who ordered it won't be getting it for a few weeks, it seems. The accessory was recently taken apart, and found very hard to make or repair, which might be one of the reasons for the delayed order shipping.

In any case, the initial tests of the Apple Pencil are producing some drool-worthy sketches and drawings on the iPad Pro, which might entice more folks to grab the accessory to go with Apple's largest tablet. 

The Pencil is not the only indispensable accessory that Apple is offering for the iPad Pro, though. If you want a real productivity machine, in addition to the graphics designer dream that would be an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil combo, you'd have to get the new Smart Keyboard, too.

It's a thin and portable full‑size keyboard that connects to the iPad Pro with the Smart Connector interface that allows for a two‑way exchange of power and data. The tactile response of the keys has received good reviews as well, but, at $169, all these niceties will cost ya. That is why we wanted to ask you today if you are planning to get any of these two expensive but unique accessories to go with your freshly acquired iPad Pro. Take your pick in the poll, and tell us your grievances in the comments.

Are you getting the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro?

Yes, I am getting the Apple Pencil
Yes, I am getting the Smart Keyboard
I am getting both the Pencil and the Smart Keyboard
No, I'm sticking with only the iPad Pro
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