Are you excited about the upcoming LG G7?

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Are you excited about the upcoming LG G7?
LG is taking its sweet time with its next flagship, that's for sure, but we do know it's coming. The company hasn't really waved the white flag or anything, and some prominent leaksters have been posting tiny tidbits of information about the G7 (or should we call it the G7 ThinQ?).

LG has had a rough few years — the G3 was a nice flagship, though the G4 failed to recapture its spark, and the G5 really missed the mark with its modular concept. But last year's LG G6 and LG V30 were pretty nice smartphones. Unfortunately, they were overlooked and underappreciated since the company had lost some of its momentum and the customers were looking elsewhere.

But if the company manages to stay on track and release another pair of cool top-tier phones this year, things might start looking up for it again. Or could they?

We thought we'd ask — are you excited at all for the upcoming G7 or have you lost all interest in what LG has to offer?


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