Apple's iPhone supplants RIM's BlackBerry as the #1 Opera Mini device in the US

Apple's iPhone supplants RIM's BlackBerry as the #1 Opera Mini device in the US
Opera Mini has long been available to a handful of devices ranging from feature phones to RIM's vast line of BlackBerry smartphones, but now it's clear that Apple iPhone owners have a liking for the popular web browser. Although the iPhone itself sports one of the best native web browsers around, Opera Mini has equally made its presence by offering a rich experience – which interestingly has beaten out every other handset in supplanting itself as the device of choice for Opera Mini in the US. Having been available for just a mere few weeks, Opera Mini for the iPhone has surpassed all others and left them biting in the dust in the US according to the amount of installs for it. When it comes to a global standpoint, the iPhone ranks number three on Opera Mini's list behind Sony Ericsson and Nokia devices. Despite taking the number one spot in the US, it's tough to say if those iPhone owners still use Opera Mini readily as opposed to mobile Safari. Although there are probably millions of downloads for the browser, it doesn't point to the true facts behind retention rates for using it.

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 source: Information Week via BGR


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