Apple wants to put batteries in Apple Watch’s band

Apple wants to put batteries in Apple Watch’s band
The Apple Watch is undoubtedly a really nice smartwatch, one lucrative device that offers a ton of features. There’s one particular area, however, where many people find this wearable a bit lacking - battery life. Apple quotes 18 hours of battery life and while one whole day might be enough for some, others would prefer to spend more time away from the charger.

The latest patent filed by Apple shows that the company is probing for solutions to this problem. Actually, we’re talking about a pair of patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, describing the possibility to put batteries in Apple Watch’s band. The idea is simple enough - The band itself would have an inner frame with slots for the battery elements, which will be individually insulated and easily replaceable.

The Battery Band (the name mentioned in the patent files) will connect to the watch by pins and recharge wirelessly through induction coils, wrapped around one of the battery elements. The patent filings describe a rubber band but Apple believes the same concept could be used in a metal watch band as well, using proper insulation.

There’s no guarantee that we’ll see such a product in reality, though, as is the case with a huge percentage of patent filings. Apple has previously played with the idea, suggesting that various sensors and batteries could be put inside each element in its Link band but we never saw a final product.

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