Apple wants to own the domain name

Apple wants to own the domain name
Let's say that it is a boring Monday afternoon, and for grins and giggles, you decide to visit a totally random web site. How about – what could hide behind this speculative URL? Well, nothing but a small forum with discussions about the next iPhone iteration, as we discovered after opening it.

However, the maker of the iPhone is not too happy about a third party owning the aforementioned domain name. In fact, Apple has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and will likely acquire the domain name in the near future. 

Now, one way to interpret this is that the successor to the iPhone 4S will be known as the iPhone 5. However, that doesn't seem very likely to us. After all, given that what we expected to be called the iPad 3 is now humbly known as the new iPad, the next iPhone will probably be marketed simply as the new iPhone.

It seems like once again, Apple is just hunting down domain names mentioning the iPhone, but owned by third party companies. That is likely done in order to eliminate confusion among consumers. That is why if you visit, for example, you will end up on Apple's web page dedicated to the iPhone 4S, and not on some shady web store selling iPhone cases. 

The forum is still active at the moment, but that might change after the WIPO states its final word on the case. As for the name of the next iPhone, that will most likely remain a mystery until the device is officially announced.

source: WIPO via AppleInsider



1. iShepherd

Posts: 38; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

I have if Apple is interested.

10. paulislegend

Posts: 42; Member since: Mar 15, 2012

oh burrrrrrnnnn!!!

2. Azure01

Posts: 127; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

Well of course they'll win but do have to file complaints/ law suits every week? Sheesh. And isn't the new iPad called the iPad HD?

3. Bluesky02

Posts: 1439; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

Can't blame Apple for this as there are many porn websites making use of iPhone name like to drive user to their site. That's a problem. Perhaps a business image problem for Apple.

4. wendygarett unregistered

Is Apple create this website to hype some sheep? Sorry, you cant fool me twice :)

5. Phullofphil

Posts: 1822; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

The should have to pay for it. If your confused your an idiot. If you go to iPhone5 and go to the forum expecting to buy the iPhone five your an idiot. If your expecting news about it then there you go. Apple is just so controlling to have every name that has iPhone in it. They could get creative and stop putting I in front of every product. I would rather call it the Apple phone, or Or just Apple. The only reason I do support them is because there an American tech company, but just barely I believe most of the effort behind it is over in china.

6. microsoftnokiawin

Posts: 1268; Member since: Mar 30, 2012

7. mercorp

Posts: 1045; Member since: Jan 28, 2012

www.Galaxy sIII pwns iphone Is samsung wanting to get this domain?

8. jibraihimi

Posts: 815; Member since: Nov 29, 2011

I'm going to,, etc........ :) and I might already be owned by sum other person............. :)

9. -box-

Posts: 3991; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

If I were them, I'd revamp the main part of the website to make it about honing one's intellectual property, thus, Then apple can just eat it or try to buy it.

11. bvalde09

Posts: 191; Member since: Nov 22, 2011

Why Apple does not buy the domain? Just pay the guy his money damnnnn

12. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Apple wants to own and control every market as long they get billion of cash in their greedy ass pockets. who cares

13. mandymandy

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 25, 2012

The WIPO case status is now "Terminated" And the domain registrant is now Apple Inc. Does it mean Apple buy the domain finially?

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