Apple tipped sourcing 3D camera modules for next iPhone from LG Innotek

Apple tipped sourcing 3D camera modules for next iPhone from LG Innotek
Apple may have lined up some pretty great camera surprises in store for future iPhones, and the dual lens set on the 7 Plus might just be a harbinger of things to come, if the latest report out of Korean media is to be believed.

Sources close to LG Innotek, the subsidiary that is in charge of developing new technologies and camera modules for LG devices, have tipped that Apple is working with the team to source 3D camera modules for testing and eventual deployment in future iPhones. Let's not forget that LG was the first to out a phone with 3D camera of sorts, the Optimus 3D way back in 2011.

Of course, 3D never picked up the way TV makers hoped, but what Apple is trying to achieve here might be something completely different. The sourcing of camera modules for a 3D array may have something to do with the technology it acquired when it bought LinX for $20 million last year. 

LinX uses a set of tiny multi-aperture cameras half the height of standard mobile cameras, and controls them with an algorithm that allows "stunning color images and high accuracy depth maps." The kicker here is that the LinX software was claimed to derive depth stats from each pixel to create an accurate depth map that can later be used for 3D image reconstruction, and that could be what Apple is now testing. Tim Cook already mentioned that AR is the next brave frontier in mobile imaging and user experience, so hopefully we will see the alleged 3D mapping results from LG-sourced camera units as soon as the next iPhone models hit the tape.

source: Korea Herald



1. Khyron

Posts: 398; Member since: Sep 28, 2015

Useless another gimmicky

2. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

That is all Apple does now, just gimmicks and half assed software. iOS is a joke stability wise, feature wise, and visually. Their primary gimmick of portrait mode wasn't ready for launch with the iPhone 7 dual camera gimmick and even now is in beta. Jobs died and it seems the entire company seems to have lost their focus.

5. patrioticwarrior

Posts: 134; Member since: Nov 09, 2016

"Jobs died and it seems the entire company seems to have lost their focus." I disagree on that statement . Apple is focused on one thing and that is how to steal more money from their loyal brainwashed user.

3. xondk

Posts: 1904; Member since: Mar 25, 2014

3D images is.........interesting sure, but just one question, what are users going to watch their 3D images on? Apple vr headset? which isn't out now, and where its low resolution will hurt? seems....odd move from Apple.

4. cmdacos

Posts: 4258; Member since: Nov 01, 2016

3D? Great, my 2012 TV may be of value again lol. 3D is already past. 360 possibly still has some oomph but not 3D.

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