Apple store workers set to strike on iPhone 15 release date in France

Apple store workers set to strike on iPhone 15 release date in France
Lately, it seems France isn't cutting Apple much slack. Just recently, France hit the pause button on iPhone 12 sales across the whole country, citing concerns about the handset's radiation levels. This move got more European countries to assess the iPhone 12 for health risks. And now, more news is coming from overseas.

Over in France, Apple store employees are gearing up for a strike at the end of the week, right when the iPhone 15 is set to hit the stores. According to TNW, Apple unions, including CGT, Unsa, CFDT, and Cidre-CFTC, are asking for better pay and improved working conditions, or store employees will be walking out this Friday and Saturday.

What's on their wishlist? A 7% wage bump, a request backed up by the high inflation in the country. But that's not all; Apple store workers are also pushing Apple to end a month-long hiring freeze.

Management's response so far? It offers a 4.5% raise and adds an extra buck to the meal ticket. Worth noting, Apple reported $81.80 billion in revenue for its fiscal third quarter, which was a 1% dip from the previous year but still topped analysts' predictions of $80.69 billion in revenue.

The CGT Apple Retail posted on X that due to management ignoring their demands and concerns, the four unions of Apple Retail France are calling for a strike on September 22 and 23.

As per the post on X, representatives from Barcelona will also join the strike, which suggests this issue might grow beyond just France. The post goes on to say, "We remind management that it is not these movements that harm the company, but rather its denial in the face of the discomfort of its employees" (translated from the original text in French).

Union officials say the strike won't stop customers from shopping at Apple stores in France, but patience may be required. And they're not ruling out more strikes in the following weekends if management sticks to its stance. It's a wait-and-see game to see how Apple responds and if France is about to set trends, not just in fashion but also in workers' rights.
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