Apple stock flirting with $500, now valued more than Google and Microsoft combined

Apple stock flirting with $500, now valued more than Google and Microsoft combined
If you ever doubted Apple’s near-term future under Tim Cook, you’d better put these concerns to rest - Apple stock has been growing even quicker under the new CEO and it’s close to hitting $500. Currently, it’s trading for nearly $495, and we expect it to reach $500 tomorrow, but what’s interesting is that since the new chief executive is in place, the company has grown by $100 billion in market value.

Apple is the world’s largest company by market estimations, surpassing Exxon Mobil by nearly $60 billion, as the oil giant’s market value is around $401 billion.

Amazingly, Apple is now bigger than Microsoft and Google combined in market value, which alone is telling. Apple has a market cap of nearly $460 billion, while Microsoft ($258 billion) and Google ($199 billion) combine for around $457 billion.

We should note that market value is a volatile measure, which can change drastically in mere weeks, but it is also an indication of what investors think about the company’s prospects. And, if you sold Apple stock when the iPhone 4S came out, you should definitely feel sorry about it. Check out Apple shares racing to the $500 mark, after hitting a low in November - the growth rate is almost unbelievable.

source: Apple via parislemon


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