Apple provides Quick Fix for iPad's Wi-Fi connectivity problem

Apple provides Quick Fix for iPad's Wi-Fi connectivity problem
Right off the bat we heard from buyers of the Apple iPad that the tablet was having problems working on Wi-Fi. And because the only unit currently out is the Wi-Fi only model, that means that for many buyers, they have purchased an expensive door stop. But the Cupertino crew wasn't going to abandon this game changing device so soon after launch so they have come up with a Quick Fix for those iPad's not working because of a problem connecting to Wi-Fi. Apple says the problem is that after being turned back on, or awoken from sleep, the tablet might not be able to re-connect with a known Wi-Fi signal. According to the manufacturer, this can happen with a third party router with dual band capabilities that use the same name for each network, but use different security settings for each network. It makes sense. Same names, different security settings and Bingo! Your iPad is a frisbee. To remedy the problem, Apple says you should make separate names for each Wi-Fi band. for example, 802.11 b/g could be named "Hanley" while 802.11n could be named "Charley". Just make sure you use the same security settings for both networks. On its support forum, Apple also says, "If the issue persists, reset your network settings using Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. Also, make sure that the firmware for your Wi-Fi router is up to date. Let us know if Apple's suggestion gets your iPad working again.

source: eWeek


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