Official Apple video promotes new features available to Memoji users in iOS 13


Today was opening day of the WWDC developer conference and as expected, iOS 13 was unveiled. The company already posted a video promoting the new makeup, hairstyles, and other fashion accessories that can be used with the Memoji feature once iOS 13 is launched later this year. Memoji are personalized animated emoji that track the user's facial movements. They can be used in the Messages app and in FaceTime video chats.

The video stars internet "beauty influencers" Patrick Starr and Desi Perkins, well, their Memojis anyway. The pair show you how to use the new makeup and fashion accessories available in iOS 13 to create a "cute, flirty Memoji look." The video reveals how eye shadow can be "applied" with the user able to select from a variety of shades; a slider is used to determine whether the makeup is lightly or heavily applied. Lipstick can be put on using the same tool bar.

With iOS 13, iPhone users can add piercings to their Memoji including a nose ring, brow ring, and a lip ring. Users can even pierce their tongue. And for even more customization braces can be added as well as a "gap tooth" and a mini grill. The video also highlights different earrings that a Memoji can wear, various hairstyles, and a collection of hats and glasses (including a monocle).

This might not be the most exciting new feature of iOS 13 or the feature that iPhone users have been looking forward to the most (that would arguably be the system-wide Dark Mode). But for those who like to create personalized Memoji, the new fashion accessories are a welcome addition.
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