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Apple now faces second class action suit over Wi-Fi Assist

Apple now faces second class action suit over Wi-Fi Assist
Last month, a Class Action suit was filed against Apple for failing to tell users that Wi-Fi Assist was eating through their monthly data allowance. The feature seamlessly switches an iPhone connected to a Wi-Fi network, over to the user's cellular carrier if the Wi-Fi signal becomes weak. Sounds great in theory, but the feature was enabled by default when Apple disseminated iOS 9.

Apple failed to tell users about this until a month after iOS 9 was pushed out. As a result, some iPhone users were totally surprised when they received the monthly bill from their carrier, and saw how much mobile data they used for the month. As a result, there are now two Class Action suits filed against Apple, both seeking more than $5 million.

The second suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by one William B. Cottrell. The suit charges Apple with violating California's unfair competition law, and false advertisement law. It also claims that Apple mislead customers on purpose by omitting or hiding facts about the feature, including the fact that it was turned on by default.

Apple has stated that most users will see just a "small increase" in data usage with Wi-Fi Assist. Aftr all, the feature won't activate when the iPhone user is streaming music or video.  The plaintiffs who filed the original Class Action suit, claim that Apple is downplaying the increase in data usage that Wi-Fi Assist is responsible for.


source: Scribd via AppleInsider

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