Apple not introducing third-generation tablet at MacWorld next month according to site

Apple not introducing third-generation tablet at MacWorld next month according to site
Yesterday, we passed along a story about some sources telling DigiTimes that Apple would be introducing a pair of tablets next month at the MacWorld show. We told you to take the story with a grain of salt because some of the story sounded too good to be true. For example, expecting an 8MP camera on the next iPad as the DigiTimes story says, seems to be too much to ask for.

Now, multiple sources are telling The Loop that the DigiTimes report is "completely false". The Loop's Jim Dalrymple said that his tipsters are telling him that Apple will not be introducing a high-end Apple iPad 3 and a mid-range tablet possibly called the Apple iPad 2S at the MacWorld show in January, or at next month's CES. Dalrymple's story mentioned nothing about earlier reports that Apple is considering launching the iPad 3 on the birthdate of its late co-founder Steve Jobs.

The Loop did reiterate that Apple has not attended a MacWorld Expo since 2009 after announcing that it would only introduce its new products at its own media event. According to a report from a Citi analyst who spoke with Apple's parts suppliers down the iPad production chain, the Apple iPad 3 will launch in March or April.

Some parts of the DigiTimes report are believed to be possible, such as the use of a Samsung manufactured A6 quad-core processor in the next tablet and the inclusion of a higher resolution display that will be produced mostly by Sharp with LG and Samsung also churning out some of the panels. A smaller sized Apple iPad designed to challenge the sizzling hot 7 inch Amazon Kindle Fire would make some business sense, but until the product is introduced by Apple, let's add that to our salt shaker.

source: TheLoop via AppleInsider
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