Apple can’t outwait coronavirus, moves orders to manufacturers outside of China

Apple can’t outwait coronavirus, moves orders to manufacturers outside of China
The effects of the coronavirus outbreak ripple throughout the world not only in the form of sick people but economically as well. Restrictions imposed by the Chinese government are not only causing production delays but companies are already adjusting their financial results predictions for the whole first quarter of 2020.

Apple is one of the hundreds of companies caught in the crossfire between virus and government. With its main suppliers having their hands tied, one factory remaining closed while another is working at 10% capacity, Cupertino is having to take some desperate measures.

According to sources close to DigiTimes, Apple’s solution is to shift orders to production facilities in Taiwan, which are currently working without any hindrance. While other countries aren’t mentioned in the report, if the situation becomes dire, Apple has a couple of other options.

When the trade war between the US and China got serious, manufacturers quickly started to look for new places to move some of their production in order to not lose their customers if things go south.

India and Vietnam were the biggest winners and although trade relationships between the States and China are seemingly mellowing down, the new factories might be just what’s needed to help with the coronavirus situation.

The whole reason Apple is feeling the heat is that unlike most other years that only see iPhones released in September, this year there’s an iPhone expected in March. We’re sure Apple executives have spent countless hours deciding exactly when to launch the iPhone 9 and having that schedule disturbed is out of the question.

Of course, Apple doesn’t comment on its upcoming releases, so even if there are delays, we’ll likely find out about them from the usual set of leakers on Twitter. All that’s left for us is to wait.


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