Apple iPhone 5C appears in blue and white

Apple iPhone 5C appears in blue and white
With new colors for the budget priced Apple iPhone 5C coming out of the woodwork, we now have pictures showing off the phone in blue and in white. Yes, better take out the Morton's salt with this one, although at this point, there is so much misdirection going on that you might think that Apple is planting some of these pictures itself.

Earlier on Wednesday, we showed off a number of pictures and a video of the same model in a more traditional black. We've seen so many different colored shells for the phone, but it is nice to know that the Apple iPhone 5C will be available in old-school black and white. On September 10th, all of the questions should be answered including what Apple's new iPhone lineup will be.

Originally, the thought was that the new Apple iPhone 5C would become the entry-level iPhone model replacing the Apple iPhone 4. The Apple iPhone 5 would slide into the mid-range slot replacing the Apple iPhone 4S and the Apple iPhone 5S would be the top-shelf model. Now there is some speculation that the Apple iPhone 5C is not a budget priced model at all, but is slated to replace the Apple iPhone 5. An interesting theory to say the least.

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source:  Weibo (translated) via NewCellphonesBlog

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