Apple iPhone 5 is now available from T-Mobile

Apple iPhone 5 is now available from T-Mobile
T-Mobile customers, congratulations. It has been a long time coming, dating back to that June day in 2007 when AT&T launched the Apple iPhone on an exclusive basis. Not that you guys haven't had your share of nice handsets. The HTC HD2 comes to mind and despite being powered by Windows Mobile, it had an unheard of (for the times) 4.3 inch screen. Then of course, the T-Mobile G1, also made by HTC, put Android on the map even though it would be more than year later before the Verizon exclusive Motorola DROID would kick off Androidmania. The T-Mobile G2x should have been in this category too, especially since the overseas variant of the model was the pioneer in sporting a dual-core processor and the device scored what were amazing Quadrant Benchmark scores above 3,000. But too many problems with the T-Mobile version of the phone led to its early demise.

But this is all in the past. Sure, you might have been jealous when Verizon and then Sprint started offering the Apple iPhone. But the wait was all worth it. You can now go online at the sourcelink and order the 16GB Apple iPhone 5 for $99.99 down and 24 monthly installment payments of $20. Or you can just pay the $579.99 for the phone now. The 32GB model requires a down payment of $199.99 which works out to a total of $679.99. The 64GB model asks for a down payment of $299.99 for a total price of $779.99. Both black and white models are available.

Legacy models of the Apple iPhone are also for sale with the 8GB Apple iPhone 4 available for an $18 down payment and 24 monthly payments of $18 for a total of $450. The 16GB model of the Apple iPhone 4S requires a down payment of $69.99 and 24 monthly payments of $20 for a total cost of $549.99. Those models are also offered in black and white.

source: T-Mobile

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