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Issue with new iPhone models contradicts a major claim made by Apple

Issue with new iPhone models contradicts a major claim made by Apple
Several Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users have posted comments on the Apple Communities site (via Tom's Guide) about scratches that are appearing on the LCD and AMOLED displays on their handsets. One post details how a husband and wife each purchased an iPhone 11. After two days of keeping the devices in their respective pants pockets, both models suffered a scratch on the display. The husband sadly points out that the scratch on his phone appeared right over the FaceTime camera. 

Apple claims that the glass used on the 2019 iPhones is the strongest found on any smartphone

Some of the scratches look like fingerprint smears, but they do not rub off the screen. The phones' owners say that not only weren't the handsets dropped, they also did not come into contact with anything in their pockets that could damage the display such as keys, coins, and other sharp objects. One iPhone11 user pointed out that he has been using an iPhone since the very first generation of the phone was launched back in 2007. He says that he has never used a screen protector and never had a serious scratch appear on the display-until now. Others say that they are not impressed with the displays on the iPhone 11 family. Yet Apple has heavily promoted the strength of the glass on both the front and back of its new models. "The toughest glass in any smartphone, front and back," says Apple's website. But this doesn't appear to be the case based on comments from iPhone 11 users.

The LCD panels are supplied by long-time Apple supplier Japan Display. The company was late to develop an OLED line and as a result, it has been bleeding red ink. Apple invested $100 million in a reorganization of the company earlier this year and even diverted orders for LCD panels from its Chinese based supply chain to Japan Display. In addition, Apple is purchasing OLED panels from Japan Display for the Apple Watch. The OLED panels for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come from Samsung and LG.

As you might expect, those who have visited the Apple Store toting an iPhone 11 with a scratched up screen are not finding a receptive audience. Instead, they claim that they are being blamed by Apple reps for creating the damage on their phone's display.
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