Apple deletes forum threads about Consumer Reports article

Apple deletes forum threads about Consumer Reports article
Earlier today, we reported to you about Consumer Reports testing of the iPhone 4. The conclusion reached by the neutral organization was that the handset did indeed have reception problems, not related to AT&T's network. They even suggested using duct tape to cover up the lower left corner of the device to prevent the infamous death grip, and put the kibosh on Apple's theory that the problem was an error in software that gave the phone more bars than it should have had. Of course, had you been reading the forum groups on Apple's own site, you might not have know about any of this at all as the Cupertino based carrier played magician and made comments from the story and about the story disappear right in front of user's eyes. Apple's support moderators gave the threads the ol' 86 although Bing cached it so it is still available to read via Microsoft's search engine. On the other hand, every Google search related to the topic returned the following phrase, "Error: you do not have permission to view the requested forum or category." Perhaps what irked Apple the most was that Consumer Reports said it would not rate the iPhone 4 until the phone was repaired. It seems that if Apple was trying to keep the whole affair hush hush, removing the topic from its forum was the wrong thing to do as it simply created a bigger story on top of the original one. Had Apple simply let the story runs its course, it would have died a natural death.

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source: TUAW

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