Reception problems on iPhone 4 reported on by Consumer Reports

Reception problems on iPhone 4 reported on by Consumer Reports
When it comes to getting to the truth on the iPhone 4, who better to listen to than Consumer Reports. After all, it is an impartial group-no Apple fanboys here-and has the money and time to really do the tests right. Did I say that they are impartial? CR tested three iPhone 4 units along with some other AT&T phones (no, not the BlackBerry 9800 smarty pants) in an RF isolation chamber that can create varying levels of signal strength from different carriers, and the results were what you might have expected. Yes, the iPhone 4 has a real reception issue. In fact, of all the handsets tested, it was the only one to have a loss of signal problem. It also debunks Apple's theory that software led to incorrect readings of signal strength since the consumer group says that tests "indicate that AT&T's network might not be the primary suspect." Consumer Reports also said that a little bit of duct tape placed on the lower left side of the unit will correct the problem. Finally, while CR did say that the iPhone 4 has the  "sharpest display and best video camera" of all of the handsets it tested, it will not rate the model until Apple comes up with a fix for the problem.

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source: ConsumerReports

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