Apple claims Samsung GALAXY Nexus infringes on "slide-to-unlock" feature

Apple claims Samsung GALAXY Nexus infringes on "slide-to-unlock" feature
Earlier today, we told you how Apple was absolved by the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany, on one of seven patent infringement claims made by Samsung against the company. Ironically, in the same court, Apple is alleging that the Samsung GALAXY Nexus copies the "slide-to-unlock" motion  used on iOS. The Cupertino based firm says that this motion was given utility model status in Germany back in 2006.

Samsung is expected to use the "prior art" defense, claiming that Neonode used the same sliding motion when that company took a look at producing phones some years ago. The Korean based manufacturer successfully used the exact same defense against Apple's patent infringement claims against it in the Netherlands last year. That case dealt with "methods of scrolling". March 15th will be the date of a hearing to determine if the utility model status is still valid or whether or not the court needs to reexamine the ruling. The case against Samsung should be interesting since Google had apparently gone out of its way to make sure that Android 4.0 would be "Apple proof". Google changed features like navigation on the touchscreen, the new unlock method, and other applications.

Apple's case against Samsung has some very interesting sidebars to it. While other claims against Android models were for features and functions that were clearly borrowed from Apple, the Samsung GALAXY Nexus does not have a particular path that a finger has to travel along to unlock the phone. Furthermore, since the GALAXY Nexus is a stock Android model, by specifically mentioning it in the complaint, it reveals that Apple's true beef is with Google, not Samsung.

source: electronista

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