Apple announces new iPad Pro with M2 chip

Apple announces new iPad Pro with M2 chip
Today, Apple has unveiled the successor to its flagship tablet lineup - the 2022 iPad Pro. The announcement took place via a dedicated press release on Apple Newsroom. Amongst the highlights of the new device are the addition of the new M2 chip, an advanced Apple Pencil hover experience, faster connectivity and, of course, the all-new iPadOS 16.


It should be noted that the new iPad Pro is more of an incremental update, rather than a full-blown update. The 8-core M2 CPU does introduce a raw increase of about 15% in processing speed when compared to the previous model, while the GPU is about 35% more powerful than the M1.

These numbers, although impressive in light of just how powerful last year’s model was, are unlikely to make much of a difference in day-to-day use - only the most hardcore of iPad users will be able to feel the spec bump.

What is more importantly, however, is that the M2 is more efficient than its predecessor, which should translate into better battery life. The iPad Pro has impressive battery life as it is, but more is always better in that department.

The iPad Pro still comes in 2 sizes (no 14” iPad for now) - 11” and 12.9” respectively - with only the bigger model featuring a mini-LED panel. The smaller one is still stuck with the older display technology. Nevertheless, both models come equipped with ProMotion (i.e. an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120 Hz).

Storage configurations are also largely familiar. The iPad Pro once again comes with either 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB of internal storage, with the latter two having additional RAM as well. 

New features

A all-new Apple Pencil experience
Apple has introduced an interesting new feature to facilitate an even smoother Apple Pencil experience. The new iPad Pro will now be able to detect a hovering Apple Pencil, so long as it is within a 12mm distance of the screen.

This will allow users to see a clear preview of their work, before even making contact with the display. Apple believes the new feature will allow for greater precision, which will in turn result in even more effortless sketching and scribbling. The Cupertino company is also opening up the new hover detection functionality to third-party developers.

Improved wireless connectivity
The new iPad Pro supports Wi-Fi 6E - the faster connection promises download speeds up to twice faster than those on the predecessor. The cellular iPad models are now compatible with more 5G networks around the world.  

iPadOS 16

Naturally, the newest iPad Pro models will be running the latest version of Apple’s tablet software - iPadOS16. This means that users will be able to experience the best of what the iPad has to offer. This includes access to desktop-class apps, a new document menu, the ability to change file extensions, and customizable toolbars.

The “Pro” Features
The new iPad Pro will support a number of advanced features that truly do justice to its “Pro” status - namely, Reference Mode and Stage Manager.

Reference Mode will allow photographers and video editors to display HDR content in a way that reflects the final capture and edit it accordingly.

Stage Manager is the most sophisticated multitasking feature on an iPad to date. It allows users to simultaneously switch between a number of apps and organize app windows. In the near future, Apple intends to bring full external display support via Stage Manager.

Pricing and availability

The pricing remains virtually identical to that of last year’s models. The entry-level 11” iPad Pro once again starts at $799 (128GB, Wi-Fi only), while the bigger 12.9” version comes at a $1099 price tag (128GB, Wi-Fi Only). Cellular models will cost users an additional $200 (i.e. $999 and $1299 respectively). There are (once again) only two color options: Silver and Space Gray.

The new iPad Pro can be ordered starting today, October 18th. General availability begins next Wednesday - October 26th.

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