Apple Watch will soon track more workouts and forms of exercise

Apple Watch will soon track more workouts and forms of exercise
Found inside the latest beta of iOS 11 is some code and images hinting that the Apple Watch will soon support many more different forms of exercise and workouts. The images include new icons for the Apple Watch Exercises app that are not seen on current versions of the timepiece. Some of these exercises will only be tracked by the next generation of the smartwatch, which is Series 3. Some other new exercises will apparently be coming to existing versions of the Apple Watch with the WatchOS 4 update. These specific exercises can be found in the WatchOS 4 beta under the "other" category.

Some of the new exercises that the next Apple Watch will track include American football, baseball, bowling, boxing, dancing, skiing, bowling, core training, step training, and pilates. Most of these are not typically monitored by wearable fitness trackers or smartwatches. The theory is that the Apple Watch Series 3 will be equipped with new sensors that will allow the device to track and monitor some of the newly added workouts. Speaking of which, click on the slideshow to see some of the code and icons pertaining to these new exercises.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be unveiled next month alongside the 2017 Apple iPhone line up. The latest rumor has that taking place on September 12th.

source: iHelpBR (translated) via 9to5Mac



7. Supah

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It has improved a bit but still needs considerable amount of attention because there is a lot of room for improvement. BTW, it's kinda sad but look who's comments got moderated, again. iNinetysix and Low class kiko da kellyanne conway of PA, it seems these two fine gentlemen always failed to clean up their act. They have a tight trolling relationship with 'da usual trolls of PA' aka bankz, cnour, Mxyflashdabitchmite, YesToFakeboys, HillaryClinton2020, apple-rulz, Plasticsh1t, Lundberg, piyath & nctx77. Enough said? It is extremely unfortunate that they'll never have credibility or be respected around here. They can bash me all they want for saying the truth but I only wish all of them to get mentally better real soon. Let's show love and pray for them guys.

6. WingMan unregistered

If you have an Atlas Wristband, you get a lot more stuff to track :). It is good that these things are evolving.

1. darkkjedii

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The fitness app was the best feature on the Apple Watch, but I hated that I couldn't save all of a workouts info on the watch. After you save the workout, it's stats are stored on the phone. Apple, it's time to go standalone with that watch. Battery life was cool, but not Gear S3 great.

2. TechieXP1969

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It looks like a kids toy, with a big knot on the side of its head. I was gifted one. I didn't even waste time taking it out the box. Off on eBay and it sold within a couple hours. It is not worth a single penny of what it costs. When I already say Samsung's own at least phone standalone capabilities and I feel Samsung's cost a bit much. But is worth it in value alone. Apple with all its money and fans keep bragging about how much they make, and the next iPhone is barely gonna be better than the S6 edge. The Apple Watch is a piece of jewelry with a small computer in it. All that crap Apple bragged about with the Apple Watch and its just a Galaxy Gear from 3 years ago. At least Samsung came out with the Gear S, with Cellular with the very first model. How can Apple not have this buy now?Apple Watch = Overpriced Fitbit

8. apple-rulz

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You and supah and darkidiot and teddy and numerous others are obsessed with everything Apple, you usual losers descend on every Apple article, and you really expect people to believe that you deep down you aren't actually coveting what Apple has to offer? Please, you idiots are so transparent. Now have your mail order bride teach you how to spell properly, type properly or whatever, because your typos have become a running gag.

9. darkkjedii

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I didn't mean to set you off man. I actually like the Apple Watch, it's just not Gear S3 good. Calm down bruh.

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