Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is on sale at Amazon; accessory also fits iPhone 8

The black iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is $84.99 at Amazon
Not happy with the battery life you're getting with the Apple iPhone 7? With Apple's own iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case, you are not only more than doubling the capacity of the battery, you are also protecting the phone from drops. The 2,365mAh battery inside the accessory combines with the 1,960mAh power source inside the phone resulting in as much as 26 more hours of talk time, up to 22 hours of additional LTE browsing time, and up to 24 hours worth of extra video streaming.

Earlier this year, B&H Photo had an amazing deal on the Smart Battery Case, which is usually tagged at $99.99. The retailer offered the accessory for $49.99. But alas, that deal is long gone, replaced by one offered by Amazon that is not quite as generous. The white Smart Battery Case is now on sale for $85.99, a $13.01 or 13% price cut. The same case in black is $84.99 for a $14.01 or 14% savings. If you must have the case in red, it will cost you the regular price of $99.99. No matter which color you choose, shipping is free.

We should point out that this case will also fit and work with the Apple iPhone 8 and its 1,821mAh battery. And regardless if you've slapped the case on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, your battery status is displayed on the lock screen and in the notification center.

source: Amazon


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