Apple App Store gets new features in iOS 7

Apple App Store gets new features in iOS 7
The Apple App Store is getting some new features in iOS 7. While Android users have known the joy of automatic updates for their apps since the update to Android 2.2, this is something new for iOS users which they will get to experience in iOS 7. If it is enabled, iOS 7 will automatically look in the background for updates, which it will run automatically. Manual updates can still be done, if needed. And if you decide to go with the automatic updates, you can choose whether or not to allow them to be done over a cellular network.

Replacing the Genius tab on the App Store is a new tab called Near Me which shows apps that are popular and are being used heavily by other iOS users near your current location. And you can now build a Wish List . Only paid apps can be added to the list, which makes sense. Otherwise, why would you need to wish for someone to pay for a free app? And Apple has promised a Kids category coming for the App Store.

Lastly, Apple has changed the looks of the App Store Top Charts, going back to a vertically scrolling list from the left to right scrolling that Apple changed the list to last year.

source: AppleInsider

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