App Store hosts 3000+ apps, scores 100+ million downloads

App Store hosts 3000+ apps, scores 100+ million downloads
Apple’s App Store was launched on July 11 with around 600 hosted software titles and today’s figures show a fivefold increase to 3000 application, 20% of which are free and 90% of the rest priced at under $10. During the first month after its launch, there were more than 60 million applications downloaded and now, less than a month later, the numbers are almost doubled to 100+ million. The sales of iPhone 3G has also benefited from the presence of the huge online software catalog, which hasn’t remained unnoticed by the competition in the face of Microsoft and Google. The companies are also working on application stores for their phone operating systems (Windows Mobile and Android), which should make the devices based on them more desirable for the consumers.

source: PRNewswire via IntoMobile



1. unregistered

Do they have an app that allows you to make calls without dropping them?

2. unregistered

ha ha ha ha, dis guy is great

4. likeabite unregistered about they also add one for one that makes you do copy and paste or record video...oh no wait, even regular flip phones like the chocolate or razr can do that lmao...oh man what a country we live in when people love a stupid device based on a name brand

5. unregistered

Yes they do, it's called Don't Switch to Verizon.

6. unregistered

ha! some people preferr to have their calls made every time... not just have a shiney do-little-but-pay-too-much-for, phone on a crap carrier. Hey, hows that 3g service on ATT treating ya? When you're tired of dropped calls and horrid service, let me know, ill set you up with a new line at VZW! :O)

7. unregistered

hey, they just released the JDPower surveys.. and how many times did VZW come in first or 2nd? OH.. every time? How many time did ATT come in? no firsts at all.. and barely enough 2nds to notice.

12. unregistered

Maybe you guys should be looking at the touchpro touchHD or blackberry thunder. Its still hard for me to understand why there are so many people who hate iphone on the iphone forums.

20. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

I think its because of those people out there on forums that diss anything that isnt an Iphone on a forum that has nothing to do with the Iphone. Thats why alot of people do it.

3. supermanr1 unregistered

yes for verizon has that app.....

8. unregistered


10. unregistered

Your use of run-on sentences reduces your credibility. Your use of Caps Lock is embarrassing, and eliminates any credibility you have. I would probably get on your case about making jokes about disabled people, but the irony of your existence is much too funny. Cheers

13. unregistered

you sound so dumb right now #11. How can using Caps lock be embarrassing? what he's saying can lose its persuasiveness but I don't understand how it can be embarrassing. and the irony of his existence is much too funny? what is so ironic of him being alive right now. You sound dumber than he does.

15. unregistered

dumbass posing as smartass, nice!

18. unregistered

Actually the use of Caps, as you may or may not have learned, is to draw attention. Clearly the statement has done just that as you've taken time out of your day to comment on it. YOU look like a complete moron, hope you drank enough after your cheers to wash away in your own sorrows....

9. unregistered

Wow, how old are you? Like 10? If you want a portable gaming device get a PSP or a DS, if you want a cell phone that actually has 3G and the best coverage get VZW

11. Hmmmm unregistered

After reading all the above - I think a few are missing the point of the article. It doesn't matter who thinks what carrier has better service. The point is made in the article - do the math morons. 60 million applications downloaded. If the percentages hold constant - then 90% of those were revenue producing. Let's also assume that the average price was $5.00. An assumption - but it states that 10% were free and 90% were under $10 so $5 seems a safe bet. 90% of 60 million is 54 million times $5/app is ...wait for it....that's right $270 M in approximately 2 months (annualized that is about $1.6 Billion in revenue). I think coverage becomes a non-issue at this point, shiny small rectagular boxes must be the reason or perhaps a good business model. 2 years down the road - probably a $5B/year business in downloads alone - with NO overhead! After that - Verizon will probably come out with a competitor (or Sprint or T-Mobile).

14. unregistered

thats true. Just like the #s say that Verizon has the best call quality, the #s also show that apple is making a ton of money off their app store alone. And at least somebody here is actually paying attention to the point of the article. Instead of saying "oh Verizon is better" or "AT&T is the best," you actually provided some real statistics to proves apples succes regardless of Verizon's call quality. Do any of you Verizon people want to do some math and see how much Verizon has made in revenue with its rhapsody crap? Because I know not one person who has the monthly subscription.

16. unregistered

yea considering vcast with rhapsody has only been out for the past month right? how about you do some math and compare the amount of customers Verizon gained despite the release of the iPhone. Verizon beat ATT is every aspect from revenue to churn quality to customer satisfaction. There's a reason Apple approached Verizon with the device first. chew on that for a bit before you think about a rebuttle

17. hmmmmm unregistered

Back to the Verizon thing are we? That's not the point. Verizon may have low churn and great cell phone revenue. But this is Apple NOT AT&T. Apple is generating the revenue here which has HUGE margins. Apple has NO cell towers, and all that other billion dollar infrastructure (billions actually) to run a wireless network. All Apple has to do is sell phones - which people are buying in droves. I'd be curious to know what the churn rate is for those who own the iphone. I bet it is MUCH lower than other AT&T phones. The point is - people are buying the phone NOT the service. What a great business model! I sell you the phone, I don't have to support the network and you buy more stuff from me. The iphone is NOT a phone - it is a multi-media device which prints money with great margins. This is about Apple's business model NOT AT&Ts.

19. unregistered

Firmware update 2.1 is comin out Friday, maybe that will shut up some haters. Hopefully it takes care of issues they've had with the new iPhone.

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