Steve Jobs says 60 million iPhone apps downloaded

Steve Jobs says 60 million iPhone apps downloaded
In an interview for Wall Street Journal, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has said that more than 60 million programs have been downloaded from the App Store since its launch a month ago. Although most of them were free, Apple sold an average of $1 million in applications a day, which equals to $30 million in sales over the month. Although this is $9 million of gains for Apple, who just hosts the apps, Mr. Jobs says that the company’s hopes for profit rely on future sales of iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Steve also said that pulling off the “I Am Rich” app was a “judgment” call. It was offered for $999.99 and did nothing but display a red ruby on the screen of the phone. Apple’s CEO also confirmed earlier rumors that the company is capable to remotely disable applications that are already installed on your device. This will be used if, by a mistake, Apple approves a malicious program for distribution.

source: WSJ via EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

I wonder how many people baught the "I am Rich" app.

4. unregistered

8, or at least the author says so

10. unregistered

Apps is a joke in my opinion. I use my phone to primarily talk and check my email etc. I don't need another laptop or something of that nature. Yeah it proves the fact that iphone market is for teenagers.

11. unregistered

Teenagers like you who don't know how to write a sentence gramatically correct? ie "Apps is a joke" when it should be "Apps are a joke." If you do research you would learn that most of the iPhones are being used by professional and business people not teenagers; and I think that some of the apps are a great asset to the phone.

2. C-Chicki unregistered

People with the combined intelligence of Paris Hilton's little dog bought it.

7. unregistered

Paris' brain isn't large enough to fit her dog's IQ.

3. C-Chicki unregistered

Oh ya... Apple you really have your kill switch ( ENGAGE!!!!!!! LOL) just so you can clean up any of your possible 'malicious' mistakes. BS Anyone else smell it?

5. unregistered

my question is about the people w/ the hack program that allows the phone to be used on tmobile. can apple just remove that program and poof your phone dont work?

6. unregistered

I wonder if the 60 million number includes the 50 times I had to re-download an app after crashing. What a shit phone

8. unregistered

Well, probably the answer is "Yes, how can you even ask"

9. unregistered

so then take into consideration other people had to do the same, so that means they only really had 12 million Unique Applications downloaded due to large amount of re-downloads due to broken apps. STEVE JOBS YOU MY FRIEND ARE FIRED!!!..

12. unregistered

No, because the application can only be downloaded once. If your app crashed while downloading, that doesn't count as a download. A download is when the app is completely downloaded, installed, and ready to use. So the answer is no bitch.

13. unregistered

oh?crashing??? by ur statement i think u either never ownd an iphone or u are so retarded u dont know how to use it

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