Another sign that the Nexus One is closer to its Verizon release

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Another sign that the Nexus One is closer to its Verizon release
When you upgrade your phone and ask the rep to move all of your contacts to the new device, the rep uses the Cellebrite machine to make the transfer. When a handset is first listed on the machine, it often is a good bet that the release of the device is imminent. We don't want to add fuel to the fire, but we need to let those Verizon customers who have passed over the Motorola DROID know that the Big Red variant of the Nexus One is now listed on the CelleBrite machine. Sure, it doesn't give us a launch date or pricing info, but it does tell us that your wait might soon finally be over. And while there seems to have been some complaints about Google's superphone in regards to finish and screen quality, sound and battery life, the N-One is still being heavily anticipated by a large number of Verizon's smartphone users. The carrier seems to be hedging its bets, though, and as we reported, recently added two fresh new commercials for the DROID along with a new tagline.

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source: AndroidCentral


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