Angry Birds comes to life in Barcelona

Angry Birds comes to life in Barcelona
Let's face it, you love playing Angry Birds on your smartphone, but it would be pretty cool to see a live version of the game in action. And even better, suppose you could control the slingshot action and send the feathered ammunition hurtling toward the pigs.

On the beach at a resort in Barcelona on May 11th, many dreams came true, thanks to T-Mobile who had sponsored the event. The locals and tourists lined up to play a real-life version of Angry Birds. Of course, the birds and the pigs weren't real, but with the help of a smartphone, the players controlled a real life slingshot that sent a ball-like version of the Birds into action while a real live band played the appropriate music from the game.

What a year it has been for Rovio, the developers of the Angry Birds. It is hard to imagine another game ever coming close to reaching the heights that this one has, and despite what might seem like overexposure of the game, it still remains as popular as ever.

source: LifeisforsharingDT (YouTube) via AndroidandMe



1. AppleFanboy

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Old news....

3. trin

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Really? I could've sworn tomorrow was gonna be may 12th.

6. vantenkiest

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its june dude... sorry

5. vantenkiest

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looks fun

7. Phonecall01 unregistered


8. r2212xx

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That's cool. Mattel has come out with a board game version of Angry Birds which is like the miniature version of this large scale version.

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